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People – Talk Story

The uniqueness, diversity and spirit of the people in Hawaii continues to surprise me.  Regardless of whether you are attending a rodeo in Waimea, King Kamehameha Day Parade in Kapa’au, Farmers Market in Hilo, Slack Key Keauhou-Kona Style Guitar Festival, or Talk Story at Kalahuipua’a, you will meet interesting people from all walks of life and many cultural heritages.

Regardless of one’s background, there are a few things that only residents of Hawaii would understand. For example, you might hear some give directions, explaining “You know, brah, you wanna go mauka side highway, turn at big banyan tree, white dog in yard.”

Or you may discover your favorite restaurant can’t server their wonderful homemade cheesecake because there is an island-wide graham cracker shortage due to rough seas in the ‘Alenuihaha Channel.

Free shipping from Amazon becomes your friend, you learn to get out of the water when you see the orange helicopter flying low along the coast line, and it doesn’t matter what Guy Hagi has to say about the weather forecast – it’s still going to be 84 degrees.

And through it all, the people of Hawaii keep smiling knowingly.