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Landscapes/Nature – Talk Story

There is so much more to landscape photography than setting up the tripod and clicking off a few frames.  Behind every good landscape or nature photo on which I’ve been willing to sign my name, the adventure of getting to the objective has always been memorable. Before that, the anticipation and planning of the undertaking can make the final result ever so satisfying.  Last, finally at the location, taking the time to experience and appreciate the power or subtleties of the scene is really what it is all about, with or without a camera.

Over the years I learned that landscape photography requires patience.  Unfortunately, patience has never been one of my attributes.  But photography has forced me to cultivate an appreciation of the concept of waiting for the right moment.  As they say here in Hawaii, “try wait.” In this regard, photography has provided me with the opportunity to develop a relationship with many of the locations I’ve photographed, visiting them many times to observe and visualize the eventual image before recording the transitory moment.

But then there are those images that have been captured because I was just passing by, knowing that if I didn’t take the shot before moving on, I might not get another opportunity.