About Douglas Walch – Talk Story

“I am always mentally photographing everything as practice.” – Minor White


When I tell someone I am a photographer they often ask “What kind of photographer are you?  What do you photograph?”  While I know that so many well-known photographers specialize on a single subject matter or discipline, continually refining their technique, I always have to reply, “I photograph what I see.” My outlook on photography gives me the freedom to maintain an open mind to light, color, texture, form and emotion.

I have often been told that I have a good eye, whatever that means.  I always enjoy hearing his and take it as a compliment because I am a firm believer in the notion “If you can’t see it, you can’t photograph it.” Or, as they say here in Hawaii, “If can, can. If no can, no can!”

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All images on this site are available for license or for purchase as high quality photographic prints on Epson Ultra-Premium paper. Send me a note for pricing. (doug@douglaswalch.com)