Swaying Palms

Tropical Exposures is dedicated to capturing the light and color of Hawaii. From hula to honu, Tropical Exposures attempts to share through digital photography and written word the aloha of Hawaii.

For me, a good photograph is simply one that shows the viewer something they have never seen before or takes them to a place they may never be able to visit. A valuable photo is also something one can use to recall special times in special places with special friends.

I especially hope you enjoy the Talk Story link. Inspired by Twilight at Kalahuipua’a which was designed to perpetuate the traditional folk art of storytelling, preserving stories for future generations.  In a blog like fashion my images are accompanied by musing regarding the work as I experienced the moment. In fact, this site is based on the belief that a photograph may be worth a thousand words but a thousand words can set the stage, provide personal insights, or simply “talk story.”